The mail server is run totally by open source software. Follows are software info.

Software    version
Ubuntu    22.04.2 LTS
Postfix   3.6.4
Dovecot   2.3.16
OpenDKIM    2.11.0
OpenDMARC    1.4.2
policyd-spf    2.9.3
Rspamd	3.5
Snappymail    the latest version
Certbot   2.5.0
Apache    2.4.52

Here are some limits you may want to know.

- Disk quota limits to 350MB
- Message size limits to 20MB
- Attachment uploaded from webmail limits to 8MB
- Sending rate limits to 5 mails by minute, 15 mails by day

The following actions may lead to your account and/or IP being banned.

- Sending spam or bulk mails
- Conducting any activity which breaks the laws
- Using your Email address to abuse other services
- Other circumstances which aren't listed here

For privacy care we promise that:

- Never scan users' email
- Never sell your data to others
- Do not store users' personal data
- Do not keep track of logs
- Do not use cookies (except webmail)

We are based on open source. As feedback we would like to share our key code to open source community. For example, the methods we use to manage user accounts and passwords have been uploaded to MetaCPAN. If you examine the following code, you will see that we don't log any private data of users.

We also wrote a perl client for sendmail using OpenMbox or any other smtp servers. And an auto test module was included for delivery capacity.